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Primary Academy

Year 3 (The Pandas)

Fortnight Beginning 6/1/20 and 13/1/20

Since returning to school after the Christmas break, the Year 3’s have been working hard to complete their work on our focus book - The Red Prince. We are now writing newspaper reports based on the story to show off our super writing skills. In Maths, we have moved on to focus on using money. We have looked at the values of different coins and notes and have practised making different amounts using these. Next we will be looking at adding and subtracting different amounts of money and tackling some tricky money problems. In Science, we have begun our topic on forces and magnets and have looked at the four points of the compass in Geography. We have also started our investigation into the history of Skegness.


Fortnight Beginning 25/11/19 and 2/12/19

In Year 3, we have been looking at persuasion in English over the past two weeks. We spent some time looking at the different features, before writing letters to try to convince our local council to change something in our local area. We then did some creative writing, based on Aladdin, as part of a trust wide writing challenge. In Maths, we have been looking at division as well as continuing to practise our times tables to build up our knowledge and confidence at recalling key facts.

Across other areas of the curriculum, we have been working on our typing skills, and knowledge of search engines in Computing, comparing physical and human geographical features, and looking at the different rivers and seas of the UK.



Fortnight Beginning 11/11/19 and 18/11/19

The Year 3 class have been super busy over the past two weeks. We worked really hard to research, design and create our obstacle course for Children in Need and in Guided Reading learnt about all the hard work that the charity does with the money that they raise.  We learned about Stonehenge in Topic and, last week as part of Nursery Rhyme Week, we wrote some fantastic poetry!



Fortnight Beginning 14.10.19 and 4.11.19

This week Year 3 have been very busy as we continue to learn about the Stone Age. We completed a woodland walk to help us write our setting description for our Stone Age Boy story; we enjoyed crunching the leaves under our feet and listening to the birds. In Science, we have been looking at the food groups and seeing how many calories we should be eating per day. This has linked in to our Healthy Lifestyles looking at good and bad foods for our body. In Maths, we have started looking at the expanded column method working very hard to teach Miss Berridge our wonderful ways of working out calculations.


Fortnight beginning 30.09.19 & 07.10.19

Over the past two weeks Year 3 have been busy learning about at all things Stone Age. We have looked at instruction texts, and created some model woolly mammoths, before writing some texts of our own all about how to wash a woolly mammoth. We have now moved on to a new book, called Stone Age boy, to help us to develop our stone age knowledge before our trip to Flag Fen. In Maths, we have been looking at addition and working on our times tables.

Fortnight beginning 16.9.19 - 23.9.19 

Over the past two weeks, we have been busily working on improving our presentation and our handwriting in our written work, as well as how to correctly present our maths work. We have also begun to learn about some different types of rocks, conducting some experiments to compare the density, permeability and durability of different rocks.


Fortnight beginning 2.9.19 - 9.9.19

The Year 3 class have had a brilliant start to the new year and have really impressed the adults with their growing independence along with their hard work.

In our Reading, we have been searching for facts. We used the internet to find facts about Roald Dahl to include in our information texts that we have written about him and some science magazines for our favourite facts about different topics.