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Primary Academy

Year 2 (The Starfish)

Fortnight Beginning 24.2.20 - 02.3.20

It has been an exciting couple of weeks in Year 2. For the past two weeks, as we have travelled to Africa on our journey around the seven continents, we have been reading ‘Lila and the Secret of the Rain’. At the end, we wrote a diary entry about events that had happened in the story.

In Maths, we are consolidating our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction. We have been tackling some work that has shown off our skills before moving on to applying our knowledge by solving some problems relating to the week’s learning.

In other curriculum subjects, we have looked at Noah’s Ark in RE, the children practised their ball skills in PE, went out to make habitats for minibeasts in our outside area in Science and for the next 4 weeks we are putting together an online safety poster, using Word online to help us develop our computer skills.



Fortnight Beginning 20.1.20 - 27.1.20

In Year 2, for the past two weeks, we have been emerged in the story of ‘There is No Dragon in this Story’. It has been fun to see all the other fairy tale characters making an appearance and it has helped us to write a good story where we have been able to show off some of our skills. In Maths, we have moved onto the new area of measure and we have managed to look at length/height, weight/mass, capacity/volume and temperature. It has been pretty challenging but we have tried our best to apply our knowledge. In other curriculum subjects, we have looked at the Good Samaritan story in RE, had a go at producing our own Asian sunset pictures using oil pastels in Art, practised our hockey skills in PE, watched Hector and his friends tell us all about being safe online in Computing and we have compared different habitats to see why animals live there in Science.



Fortnight Beginning 6.1.20 - 13.1.20

In Year 2, for the past two weeks, we have been delving into the story of Pinocchio and completing lots of different tasks related to it e.g. hot seating, character profiles, vocabulary work and then retelling the story. All of this hard work has paid off and we are pleased with our story results.

In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of addition and subtraction and used this to apply our skills to problems. Miss Struggles has also taught us about the greater and less than signs, but we now call them the crocodile teeth.

What a fantastic start to the New Year and we can’t wait for the rest of this term. Even though it’s a shorter one, we have a lot to fit in!




Fortnight Beginning 25.11.19 - 2.12.19

We have had a very exciting week in Year 2! We met our very own Victorian school master on Wednesday who put us through our paces for the day and took us back to what it would be like to be a child in Victorian times. We learnt all about their school day, which included the type of punishments the children were given, as well as what jobs they were made to do. We had the opportunity to play with some toys from that era as well as vote in the House of Commons on issues related to Victorian times. Our school master said we did a fantastic job.

In other areas of learning, we looked at how to stay healthy in Science and, in Maths, how to tell the time using quarter past and quarter to the hour. Test us at home to see how great we are.




Fortnight Beginning 11.11.19 - 18.11.19

In Year 2, for the past two weeks, we have been looking at addition and subtraction through the pyramid and bar model. This has really challenged us to use all of our skills and knowledge around adding and taking away to solve these problems.

We have used our imagination to create our own world using the book ‘The World of Food’. From this, we have written a fact sheet about it, but we need to remember that non-fiction writing is completely different to fiction.

Finally, we have managed to start our computer project for Queen Victoria and we are looking forward to finding out what else we can do with PowerPoint. It is also that time of year, where we have started our rehearsals with Year 3 for our Christmas Show. Everyone is in for a treat!



Weeks Beginning 14.10.19 - 4.11.19

We have had a busy few weeks in Year 2. We have been looking through some of our strategies for multiplication, division and fractions and we have even started to apply these to problems.

We have looked at the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ completing activities such as drama, hot seating and using this to help us write a letter to the crayons from Duncan.

It has been so much fun completing out DT project for Children in Need and we have been covered in glue and paper mache (which made the classroom smell, not in a nice way!).




Fortnight Beginning 30.9.19 - 7.10.19

We have had a busy two weeks in Year 2. We have been challenging our calculation skills by looking at the unstructured number line in addition, subtraction and multiplication. We used a map to search for clues to find different sentence types that were hidden in the playground and we have been learning about the story of a God that has an elephant head. Yes, we said that right, an elephant head! We are trying really hard to include all of the Year 2 objectives we have learned so far to make our work interesting for the reader. At parents evening, you will be able to see our attempts at re-telling the story.



Fortnight Beginning 16.9.19 - 23.9.19

We have had a busy two weeks in Y2. It has been our first chance to attempt some challenge papers and for our first go we have done the best that we can do. It has been fun to show Miss Struggles, Mrs Kilner and Miss Godber where our learning is at present. We look forward to seeing where our adults take our learning next.

Maths has been fun looking at the unstructured number line and adding numbers using our tens and ones. It was tricky adding on the ten but we are continuing to get better at this.



Fortnight Beginning 2.9.19 - 9.9.19

What a fantastic start for the new Year 2 children!

We have reminded ourselves about place value and moved our learning onto partitioning numbers into tens and ones. This has in turn helped us to work out addition calculations on the unstructured number line. This, though, has been a bit tricky.

In writing, we have looked at the make-up of sentences and focused on the terminology nouns, adjectives, verbs and determiners. This will help us in our future learning to write coherent descriptive sentences.

This term we are lucky to have sessions with JB sports and Eco again. We can’t wait to see where this term will take us. Don’t forget your wellies or an old pair of shoes on a Friday.