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Primary Academy

Year 2 (The Starfish)


































Week Beginning 12.10.20 - 19.10.20

What a fabulous couple of weeks we have had in Year 2. It has been filled with more calculations but those have been focused on subtraction and multiplication. We have come to realise that the number line is rather tricky but the more we practise, the better we are getting. As a class, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the story ‘A Tale of Two Feathers’ where we looked at the four different sentence types and applied our knowledge of this to create a persuasive poster about a missing feather. Enjoy the half term holiday Year 2 so that you are fighting fit for Term Two.




Week Beginning 28.9.20 - 5.10.20

It has been a busy start to the Year 2 class. We have focused our learning on recalling what we remember from Year 1 and then thinking about what we need to do in Year 2. So far, we have been retelling the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, learning about tens and ones along with place value and using this to help us solve addition calculations either with resources or with our structured or unstructured number line. We cannot wait to find out what we will be learning next.