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Knowledge Organisers

           What are they and why do we use them?



Knowledge organisers are valuable tools used  to support children's learning in a structured and organised manner. They serve several important purposes in the classroom:

  1. Content Reference: Knowledge organisers typically contain key facts, concepts, vocabulary, and information related to a specific topic or subject. Teachers provide these to pupils allowing them to access essential information quickly and easily.

  2. Curriculum Alignment: Knowledge organisers align with the curriculum and learning objectives for a specific period or topic. They help ensure that teachers and students are covering the necessary content and meeting educational standards.

  3. Independent Learning: Students can use knowledge organisers independently to review and reinforce their understanding. They promote self-directed learning by providing a structured resource  to refer to when working.

  4. Revision and Recall: Knowledge organisers are particularly helpful for revision purposes. Students can use them to review previously learnt information, reinforce their memory and make facts 'sticky' so they have a better chance of retaining their new knowledge.

  5. Consistency: These tools promote consistency in teaching and learning across different classrooms and schools.

  6. Parental Involvement: Knowledge organisers can also serve as a communication tool between schools and parents. Parents can review the content their children are learning and support them in their learning more effectively.

  7. Assessment Preparation: As students progress, knowledge organisers help them prepare for assessments, as they provide a clear overview of what will be tested and what students are expected to know. This is particularly important in year 6.

  8. Long-Term Retention: Organising information in a structured format makes it easier for students to retain knowledge over the long term. The repetitive use of knowledge organisers reinforces key concepts and facts.

In essence, knowledge organisers are a practical and versatile tool that enhances the learning experience. They provide students with a clear and organised reference for the subjects they study, promote independent learning, and support both teachers and parents in helping children succeed academically.

Knowledge organisers for year 6 will be uploaded termly or when a new topic is being taught. Please visit this page regularly.